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The Crisscross Shadow - Chapter 14 - A Rough Trip

As the Hardys leaped at their attackers, one of the masked men side-stepped them to clamp a hand over Ted's mouth as he started to give the Ramapan war cry for help. Locked in a fierce struggle, Joe and Frank hurled their opponents to the ground. The boys fought with every bit of strength they could muster, but the odds were against them.
"Okay, tie 'em up and blindfold 'em”, ordered one of the men, who seemed to be the leader.
The arms of the young detectives and their Indian friend were tightly bound and their eyes covered with kerchiefs.
"All set?" the same voice asked. "Let's go! You know the plan, men."
Frank and Joe were roughly grasped by the shoulders and pushed.
"Start walking," the leader ordered.
As they trudged off, the Hardys heard sounds heading in another direction.
"They're separating us from Ted," Joe whispered to Frank.
"Keep quiet!' the leader commanded.
"You won't be so anxious to stick your noses in other people's business when we get through with you," one of the men sneered.
"You can't win, anyway," the leader said. "In a short while the Indians will be gone!"
"You're trying to bluff us," Frank spoke up boldly.
"Bluffing, You say? Just wait and see. This land's going to change hands, and you can't stop it!"
After a long silence, one of the men said, "What about Smirkis? He talks too much"
"The boss'll take care of him after he does that job for us."
So Smirkis was the one who had taken Ted away.
Presently the boys were halted. Then hands lifted them up and lowered them into a canoe.
"Okay," the leader said. "Let's shove off`
After a silent trip of an hour or so the bottom of the canoe scraped against sand, and in a moment the boys were jerked to their feet and dragged across the ground. Next they were lifted into a vehicle with its engine running. They started off over a rough road.
Joe and Frank were ravenous, not having eaten for many hours, but the men made no offer of food. The car rumbled on for what seemed an eternity.
'We must be a long way from the Ramapans by now!" Frank thought. “Where are we going?”
Almost an hour later the car stopped. The prisoners were hauled out. The wind was blowing in gusts as if a storm were brewing.
"What next?" the Hardys thought, then heard a plane's motor being tuned up. They were hoisted into the craft and it took off.
Judging by the way they were being jolted up and down, Frank and Joe realized that they had been stowed in the tail section.
It was a rough trip, with no chance for them to try to loosen their bonds. The plane rose and fell with dizzying speed as it was buffeted by the wind. The drumming of hail indicated that the storm was becoming more violent, and the swift changes of pressure on their eardrums were painful.
When the plane finally landed, the prisoners were gagged. Then they were carried out, thrown into a car, and driven a distance. After a while the car halted and the boys were pushed up a flight of stairs.
"Okay," the leader ordered curtly, "cover your own faces and then take off their blindfolds."
The Hardys blinked as the light, though dim, struck their eyes. Peering round, they found themselves in a gloomy, shabbily furnished room. Their masked captors surrounded them menacingly.
Suddenly the young detectives caught sight of a transparent curtain near one end of the room. A figure was seated behind it, half turned towards them.
The boys gasped. "Dad!" they cried out, shocked by what they saw. Mr Hardy looked badly mauled and mistreated. His clothes were creased and dirt-streaked. His head hung in an attitude of complete defeat!
The masked leader addressed the boys. "You've been wondering about your father. Now you know. Mr Hardy, your sons are here. Speak to them."
"Boys," he said. without moving, ”you can’t beat these men. Give up!"
Astonished, Frank and Joe tried to break loose and rush to him. But quickly the strong hands of their captors reached out and halted them. They were whisked into an adjoining room and flung violently on to the floor.
Their blindfolds were replaced and tape was fastened over their lips in place of the gags.
"That ought to hold you," the leader snarled as they struggled in vain, "until you go on your next trip.”
The boys wondered what he meant, but an explanation was immediately forthcoming.
"We'll be back to put you on freighter," he went on, "and when it reaches its destination, you won't be in a position to bother anybodyl"
The door slammed and footfalls told the Hardys that the men had gone. After waiting to make sure that a guard had not been posted, they struggled with their bonds, grunting and panting behind their sealed lips. But their captors had done their work well. The ropes would not budge an inch! Exhausted, they sprawled on the door.
Suddenly Frank got an idea. "'It might work," he told himself hopefully.
Crawling over to Joe, he raised himself erect, using his brother's body as a prop. Slipping his bound wrists over the doorknob, he wriggled his hands round and round.
Finally one of the bonds loosened, then another. Frank twisted his hands violently. The ropes slipped, he was free!
Quickly he ripped off the blindfold and the adhesive tape, then released his brother.

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Found this rather interesting article about bondage in Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Stories.


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This is the blog for all of you that love the Hardy Boys, but in peril. And as the blog name says always BOUND & GAGGED.

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